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Recording @ Big Door Studios

It’s finally here, people: we’re recording our third album.

studio necessities

Studio interns, ready to party

big door

Ian and Josh listen to some takes

If you’re looking to start a recording project in the near future, look up Mike BBQ at Big Door Studios.  Amazing studio, amazing price, amazing engineer.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us through the pre-sale of this album.  We’ve still got to do mixing, mastering, and album art, so look for your copy to be getting to you in January 2012. Continue reading

Fundraising Pre-Sale for Album #3 a Success!

3515888Jealous Creatures would like to thank everybody who pre-purchased a copy of the upcoming LP!  Because of you guys, we were able to increase the scale of the project from a 5-song EP to a 10-song LP.  This is huge, guys.  Seriously, you’re awesome. Continue reading

Recording @ The Bubble

We’re recording our debut LP with Frenchie Smith, one of the coolest guys you’re ever gonna meet.

jen gallo bubble 02

Frenchie at work

Hanging out downstairs during overdubs

Hanging out downstairs during overdubs

Continue reading

Kickstarter Project Successfully Funded

kickstarterJealous Creatures would like to say thank you to everyone who helped fund our recent Kickstarter project.  We seriously wouldn’t have been able to make our debut LP a reality without you guys! Continue reading