Fundraising Pre-Sale for Album #3 a Success!

3515888Jealous Creatures would like to thank everybody who pre-purchased a copy of the upcoming LP!  Because of you guys, we were able to increase the scale of the project from a 5-song EP to a 10-song LP.  This is huge, guys.  Seriously, you’re awesome.

Elizabeth Mallett
Niels Tessens
Linda Knowles
Holland Hlavacek
Andrew Hirsch
Jonathan Moeller
Laura McCarver
Michael Schubert
Jennifer Bertrand
Bill Davis
The Wheel Workers
Lynsey Tamborello
The Wordsworth Drinking Club
Rosemarie Cordell
Elizabeth Kurowski
Alex Binkley
Sidra Roman
Dustin Qualls
Elizabeth Boyd
Sam Schnuer
Bart Noble
Margaret Xu
C.E. Gipson
Tom Massimin
Martha Goodwin
Mike Medina
Charles Kohlmyer
Bobby Schaffer
Grant King
Kayla King
Sisi and Tomas Vobis
Kevin Baker

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