Past Shows

January 8th – Walter’s
w/ The Rich Hands, Cleen Teens

December 9th – 8th Wonder Brewery
w/ Poon

November 5th – Bohemeo’s
w/ Only Beast, Cones of Uncertainty (Lafayette, LA),
Dark Spark Rays, Such Marvelous Monsters,
The Thief and the Architect

September 24th – The Nightingale Room
w/ Giant Kitty

September 17th – YES, INDEED! FEST

June 25th – Satellite Barjune 25 - satellite
w/ Jody Seabody and the Whirls, Megafauna (ATX),
Golden Sombrero

June 4th – Fitzgerald’s
w/ Missing Sibling, Cake Rangers, Hello Planet

May 20th – LOUD!FEST (Bryan/College Station)

May 14th – Rudyard’s
w/ PuraPharm, Madisons

April 9th – Rudyard’smay 20 - loud!fest
w/ Honey and Salt (ATX), Brand New Hearts, Golde
n Cities

April 2nd – Union Tavern
w/ My Twilight Pilot, Race to the Moon

March 26th – Cactus Music
Vinyl Release Show

March 18th – Satellite BarSATELLITE-3-18-16
w/ Vacation (Cincinnati, OH), football, etc

March 11th – Artmosphere (Lafayette, LA)
w/ Cones of Uncertainty, Marie et la Toilette

December 4th – Rudyard’s
w/ The Ex-Optimists (B/CS), A Sundae Drive, Economy Island (ATX)

November 21st – Rudyard’s
w/ London Girl, No Love Less

November 7th – Bohemeo’s11029938_904960352891702_2319182104958176545_o
w/ Madisons (ATX), Only Beast, Ex-Optimists (B/CS), Golden Sombrero

October 31 – Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge
w/ Knights of the Fire Kingdom

October 10th – The Alley Cat
w/ Jody Seabody and the Whirls, Giant Kitty

September 19th – Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge
Yes, Indeed! Fest

August 21th – Rudyard’s
w/ 500 Megatons of Boogie, Silver Blueberry

August 8th – Cactus Music
In-Store Performance

July 25, 2015 – Fitzgerald’sjc-tngofd poster
w/ Second Lovers, Spain Colored Orange, Fear the Poet

May 23, 2015 – Comicpalooza
Houston, TX

April 4, 2015 – Bohemeo’s
w/ The Wheel Workers, Giant Kitty,
Jody Seabody and the Whirls, Space Villains*

February 28, 2015 – Boomtown Film 2015-02-28 boomtown music festival
and Music Festival

Beaumont, TX

February 13, 2015 – Warehouse Live!
w/ PuraPharm, Glass the Sky, Casual Strangers

December 6, 2014 – Notsuoh’s
w/ Fox Parlor, Madisons, Wolverton

November 9, 2014 – Houston Food Bank: SoundBites
w/ Quiet Company, O Conqueror

November 8, 2014 – Bohemeo’sScorpioParty
w/ La Sien, Electroveldt, Missing Sibling, A Sundae Drive, Purapharm

October 18, 2014 – Beerland – ATX
w/ Boss Battle, The Ex-Optimists, Sky Acre

October 11, 2014 – Revolution Bar and Cafe – Bryan, TX
w/ The Ex-Optimists, A Sundae Drive

September 12, 2014 – Mango’s
w/ The Sour Notes (ATX), The Wheel Workers
Sour Notes Houston CD Release Party

August 30, 2014 – Texas Rose Saloon – Beaumont, TX
w/ The Ron Jeremies, Certain Satellites

August 16, 2014 – The Station – Lafayette, LA
w/ ElectroVeldt

July 26, 2014 – The Black Heart – ATXsweet spirit
w/ Sweet Spirit, The Madisons

July 25, 2014 – Revolution Bar and Cafe – Bryan, TX
w/ The Ex-Optimists, The Excuses, Brand New Hearts

July 12, 2014 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ Purapharm, Luxurata, Obscured by Echoes

May 25, 2014 – The Caroline Sessions
w/ The Wheel Workers, La Sien, HEAR YOU ME

April 19, 2014 – Notsuoh’s
w/ Fox Parlor, Soa

March 22, 2014 – The Continental Clubcontinental club flyer
w/ Charles P, Grisbee, Tom Lynch

March 14, 2014 – Grand Stafford Theater (Bryan, TX)
w/ Black Actress, The Hangouts

March 13, 2014 – The Legendary White Swan (ATX)
Artificial Head Records 2014 SXSW Showcase
w/ Jody Seabody and the Whirls, Funeral Horse,
Omotai, Devil Killing Moth, and others

March 8, 2014 – Rudyard’s 
w/ A Sundae Drive, Blast DAD

February 19, 2014 – Mango’s
w/ Huntronik, Linus Pauling Quartet

January 25, 2014 – Mango’s
w/ Luxley, March to the Sea, Madame George (Olivia),
The Black Market Club

January 18, 2014 – CHILLFEST
w/ lots of bands

December 14, 2013 – Montrose Proper1493567_10152067898830569_2024096458_o
w/ Silver Blueberry, High Plains Drifters

November 24, 2013 – Via Colori Festival
Last Night’s Show

November 16, 2013 – Rudyard’s
w/ Super Robot Party, A Sundae Drive, HEAR YOU ME
Last Night’s Show

October 23, 2013 – Roosevelt House Party
w/ The Roosevelt House Band,
Easy Credit Dance Theater, The Traffik Jams

September 14, 2013 – YES, INDEED! Fest
w/ Quiet Company, many others
Last Night’s Show

September 9, 2013 – Fitzgerald’sdtcv

August 31, 2013 – The Continental Club
w/ Journey Agents, Spain Colored Orange,
Kenny the Spider

August 29, 2013 – Mango’s
w/ Boy + Kite

August 4, 2013 – Reserve 101
Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

May 31, 2013 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ Arum Rae, The Pleasure Shapes

April 6, 2013 – Fitzgerald’s887244_429930917094301_2131980622_o
MS150 Benefit Show
w/ The Boulevard Nights, Brand New Hearts,
A Sundae Drive, The Rads, The Wheel Workers,
The Tyburn Jig

March 9, 2013 – The Continental Club
w/ Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils

March 2, 2013 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ The Wheel Workers03022013
The Wandering Bufaleros
Second Lovers

February 23, 2013 – CounterCrawl
w/ Demonic Hen
Roosevelt House Band

February 2, 2013 – Cactus Music
In-store performance

January 26, 2013 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ Kathy Dare and the Bad Luck Charms740772_10151389507900569_532100849_o
Elect Trick City
A Sundae Drive

December 14, 2012 – The Continental Club
w/ Whitney Elizabeth Mower
Kristine Mills

December 8, 2012 – AvantGarden
w/ Missing Sibling
Elect Trick City

September 29, 2012 – Notsuoh’s
Yes, Indeed Fest

August 10, 2012 – The Minkflyer27
w/ A Sundae Drive
Elect Trick City

June 30, 2012 – The Continental Club
w/ Kathy Dare and the Bad Luck Charms
Yello Echo
Holly Hicks

June 3, 2012 – Bohemeo’sflyer25
w/ The Footnotes
Next 2 the Tracks
Charles P and the 10%
A Sundae Drive

May 11, 2012 – Union Tavern
w/ Dykes on Bykes
4-Barrel Ramblers

April 20, 2012 – Mango’s
w/ The Boxing Lesson
Residual Kid

April 15, 2012 – Rudyard’sflyer23
MS Understood Benefit
w/ The Wheel Workers
A Sundae Drive
Art Institute

April 14, 2012 – Dean’s
w/ Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five
The Tyburn Jig

March 23, 2012 – Rudyard’s
w/ Lotus Effect
Shadow Hound

March 14, 2012 – Nomad Bar (ATX)
unSXSW Gimme Indie Rock Fest

March 13, 2012 – Carousel Lounge (ATX)
unSXSW Indie Pop Fest III

March 10, 2012 – Vinyl Junkieflyer17
w/ Bright Men of Learning
Art Institute
A Sundae Drive
Ornery Little Darlings
Flying Cars

February 11, 2012 – Southside Roller Derby

February 9, 2012 – Bohemeo’s
w/ Art Institute
The Golden Hour

January 14, 2012 – The Continental Clubflyer14
Chris Gray Day Benefit

January 13, 2012 -n Super Happy Fun Land
Defend the Night – Benefit for Esme
w/ Vivian Pikkles
Biscuit Bombs
Molotov Latte (MO)

January 6, 2012 – Dean’sflyer12
w/ Super Robot Party
A Sundae Drive

November 26, 2011 – The Continental Club
w/ The Tyburn Jig
A Sundae Drive

October 28, 2011 – Dean’s
w/ A Sundae Drive

October 15, 2011 – Cactus Music10-15-2011cactusmusicposter001
In-store performance

October 8, 2011 – Jet Lounge
w/ The Tyburn Jig
Horse and Dagger

September 16, 2011 – AvantGarden
w/ Handsome Ransom
A Sundae Drive

September 2, 2011 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ Grave Babies
The Stage Frights

July 16, 2011 – The Minkflyer06
w/ The Coathangers
The Wheel Workers

July 12, 2011 – Rudyard’s
w/ Day Sailor
Maren Parusel

July 9, 2011 – The Continental Club
w/ Murder the Stout

June 10, 2011 – AvantGarden
w/ Spain Colored Orange
A Sundae Drive

May 26, 2011 – Fitzgerald’s
w/ The Fox Derby
Fetish Vendetta
Arthur Yoria
Animal Farmacyflyer04

April 8, 2011 – The Continental Club
w/ Ozeal
Spain Colored Orange
The Manichean
Tax the Wolf

March 19, 2011 – AvantGarden
w/ Horse and Dagger
The Grass Skirts

March 17, 2011 – Fitzgerald’sflyer01
St. Patrick’s Day

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