Kickstarter Project Successfully Funded

kickstarterJealous Creatures would like to say thank you to everyone who helped fund our recent Kickstarter project.  We seriously wouldn’t have been able to make our debut LP a reality without you guys!

Niles Hlavacek
Marión Haase
Keith Matis
Lynsey Proctor Tamborello
Jason Roth
Martin Adair
Renee Valdez
Sidra Roman
Lucy Kalantari
Linda Knowles
Laura McCarver
Sam Schnuer
Jason Kacal
Judy Schubert
Margaret Xu
Patty Hirsch
Sisi and Tomas Vobis
Madeline Dietrich
Margaret and Kevin Hirsch
Debbie Blalock
Valerie Ayars
Jimmy Newland
Traffic Engineers, Inc
Katie Mayer
Sandra Hlavacek
Daniel Williams
Kristyn Gipson
Jacob Gipson
Jason Bishop
Rita Hlavacek
Johnny Moeller
Niels Tessens
Virginia Williams
Colby Wright
Jim Harper
C.E. Gipson
Patti Gipson
Katie Wagner
Jenny Ankenbauer
Christopher Daniello
Bobby Schaffer
Geoff Carleton
Angela Barry
Holland Hlavacek
Marguerite and Vincent Hirsch
Dan Boehm

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