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Where Houston’s Wild Things Film – Swamplot

just a memory 2

How many cards, indeed

Swamplot just posted a blurb about our music video for Just a Memory and included a quote from Ian Hlavacek, the creature himself.  Check it out here!

Video Time – Space City Rock

just a memory

What is this?

Jeremy Hart checked out our video, along with three others from Houston bands Glass the Sky, The Tontons, and The Manichean.  Check them out here!

Home Made Music Video – Just a Memory

A video we made for no reason at all for our song “Just A Memory” off our 2011 release Little Heaven Big Sky. SUPER THANKS to Madilyn, Audrey, Stella, Lydia, Holland, and Zeek, Jen, and Mike of A Sundae Drive!

Aaron Hawken Reviews Little Heaven Big Sky at Loud-Stuff

Houston, Texas is the setting. A female fronted, five piece band is the lure and an album consisting of elegance and promise is the prize. The band has been compared as a mash up of Frank Black, PJ Harvey and Queens Of The Stone Age. Quite a nice cocktail of artists don’t you think?=

After checking out their tracks it would be pointless to sum up all twelve individually. There would be far too much to say with only a limited space to say it all. Going through the list song by song it was evident that there’s a plan of action going on here and nothing is going to stand in their way. The riffs on offer in the majority of the tracks are really catchy and upbeat. The distorted nature gives off an impressive aura, keeping you indulged and left wanting more.For example track eight – Just A Memory builds up and up gradually, the increase of tempo works well leaving you with a punchy, purposeful riff that made me want to get in my car and just drive. Continue reading

David Ensminger Reviews Little Heaven Big Sky at PopMatters

On their album Little Heaven Big Sky, alt-rockers Jealous Creatures aim to never droop or drag, just heave forward with well-crafted–not corporate–tendencies. Continue reading

Jeremy Hart Reviews Little Heaven Big Sky LP

Jealous Creatures, Little Heaven Big Sky

 Jealous Creatures, Little Heaven Big Sky

Once upon a time, I tried to write a screenplay for a road movie. It pretty much sucked, frankly, but the part of the process I found myself enjoying the most, weirdly, wasn’t the actual writing of the story but coming up with the imaginary soundtrack for my hypothetical movie. I had a ball trying to scrape together — in the pre-MP3, pre-Internet age, mind you — a cassette tape of songs that sounded to me like windswept, desolate, desert highways at night. None of it was country, per se, but a lot of it ended up sounding “Western,” at least to a point, and it was all great, great stuff.

Listening to Jealous Creatures’ debut full-length, Little Heaven Big Sky, I find myself right back there at my boombox, listening to tunes by Sand Rubies and Cowboy Junkies and excitedly dubbing them onto a tape right where they sounded best in the all-in-my-head story. On the band’s previous EP, there was a hint of Western-sounding loneliness, but here the Creatures have grabbed onto that with both hands and held it tight. The drifting, far-off guitars and Hirsch’s melancholy, sometimes bitter, Margo Timmins-like vocals make for excellent road music, just like that long-trashed tape of mine; the sound of the distant highway to Somewhere Else. Continue reading

Recording @ The Bubble

We’re recording our debut LP with Frenchie Smith, one of the coolest guys you’re ever gonna meet.

jen gallo bubble 02

Frenchie at work

Hanging out downstairs during overdubs

Hanging out downstairs during overdubs

Continue reading

Kickstarter Project Successfully Funded

kickstarterJealous Creatures would like to say thank you to everyone who helped fund our recent Kickstarter project.  We seriously wouldn’t have been able to make our debut LP a reality without you guys! Continue reading