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Thank you Jeremy Hart for the amazing review!

Last Night’s Show – Yes Indeed!


Devil Killing Moth

Yes, Indeed! as seen through a bottom-of-the-line cell phone camera.


Amelie and Vicky being awesome


Sergio and Meggles watching Naughty Professor

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Jeremy Hart Reviews Bazooka LP

Jealous Creatures, Bazooka

Jealous Creatures, <em>Bazooka</em>

Here’s how the whole band-life-trajectory thing is supposed to work: start a band just for the hell of it, at first; then realize hey, maybe this is a pretty cool deal, and begin earnestly working at it; work your way onwards and upwards, honing your skills as you go; decide to break up or soldier on; rinse, repeat.

Sometimes, though, a band seemingly steps out of the box wholly put-together and throws that whole trajectory on its head. Bands like Jealous Creatures don’t start for fun (although I’m sure they do have a good time) and go from there, but instead have what sure seems like a fully-formed vision of who they are and where they’re headed. And boom, they kick things in gear and go there. Continue reading

Video Time – Space City Rock

just a memory

What is this?

Jeremy Hart checked out our video, along with three others from Houston bands Glass the Sky, The Tontons, and The Manichean.  Check them out here!

Jeremy Hart Reviews Little Heaven Big Sky LP

Jealous Creatures, Little Heaven Big Sky

 Jealous Creatures, Little Heaven Big Sky

Once upon a time, I tried to write a screenplay for a road movie. It pretty much sucked, frankly, but the part of the process I found myself enjoying the most, weirdly, wasn’t the actual writing of the story but coming up with the imaginary soundtrack for my hypothetical movie. I had a ball trying to scrape together — in the pre-MP3, pre-Internet age, mind you — a cassette tape of songs that sounded to me like windswept, desolate, desert highways at night. None of it was country, per se, but a lot of it ended up sounding “Western,” at least to a point, and it was all great, great stuff.

Listening to Jealous Creatures’ debut full-length, Little Heaven Big Sky, I find myself right back there at my boombox, listening to tunes by Sand Rubies and Cowboy Junkies and excitedly dubbing them onto a tape right where they sounded best in the all-in-my-head story. On the band’s previous EP, there was a hint of Western-sounding loneliness, but here the Creatures have grabbed onto that with both hands and held it tight. The drifting, far-off guitars and Hirsch’s melancholy, sometimes bitter, Margo Timmins-like vocals make for excellent road music, just like that long-trashed tape of mine; the sound of the distant highway to Somewhere Else. Continue reading

Jeremy Hart Reviews the EP

Jealous Creatures, Jealous Creatures

Jealous Creatures, Jealous Creatures

Okay, so here’s a funny thing: I know from the band’s bio that these songs began life as folky, singer/songwriter compositions, with frontwoman/guitarist Sarah Hirsch belting ‘em out to subdued crowds at coffee houses and whatnot between here and Austin.

Listening to Jealous Creatures’ self-titled debut EP, though, I’m having a hard, hard time believing it. Opening track “Coffee Stains” pairs nicely snarling guitars and almost-menacing, bitter vocals and makes me think of long-dead indie-rockers Magnapop more than anything else, and it leads the way through five tracks that are less jangly indie-folk and more raw, cut-open, guitar-heavy alternarock. Continue reading