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Last Night’s Show – Yes Indeed!


Devil Killing Moth

Yes, Indeed! as seen through a bottom-of-the-line cell phone camera.


Amelie and Vicky being awesome


Sergio and Meggles watching Naughty Professor

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Bob Langham reviews Bazooka!

Bob Langham has just posted his in-depth review of Bazooka.  Check it out now!

Bob Langham has been hearing good things…

Bob Langham, who covers the Houston music scene over at www.examiner.com just posted an article about awesome songs to add to your playlists, and he included our song “The Right Idea” on the list!  Check out the whole article here.

Jealous Creatures Makes Cactus Music’s First Houston Music Playlist!


“The Right Idea” made it into the top 10.  Thanks to everyone who voted and to Cactus Music!

Read about the playlist here:
hTunes: Houston Picks the Songs – Bob Langham, examiner.com