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The Night Goes on for Days – AVAILABLE NOW!

Listen to our new album right now at our bandcamp site!

The Night Goes on for Days – PRE-SALE

Our new album is out 7/21/2015, but you can check out some of the new songs and pre-order now!


jc-tngofd poster

The Night Goes on for Days, the new album from Jealous Creatures, will be available on CD and for download on July 21st with vinyl being released this fall.  11 new songs, myths, and fairytales.

Tickets available here:

Houston Press Music Awards – NOMINATED!


Did you stand up and cheer when Rocky beat Apollo Creed? Did you say “hell yeah!” when Daniel LaRusso defeated the Cobra Kai? Did you get a lump in your throat at the end of Braveheart?

If you like the underdog, give us your vote for best Modern/Alternative band in this year’s Houston Press Music Awards!  Voting ends July 31st.

HPMA Showcase Spotlight: Jealous Creatures

Jealous Creatures was featured in the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase Spotlight.  You can check it out here.  Don’t forget to vote for us for Best Traditional Rock and be sure to come out and support us when we play at 101 Reserve this Sunday at 5pm!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are playing the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase!


Do you already have plans on August 4th?  CHANGE THEM NOW!  Because you and all of your friends already have a plan: The Houston Press Music Awards.  We’re excited to be playing in this showcase, and judging by the other bands who have already confirmed, it’s going to be an amazing show…which is only $10, by the way.  That’s $0.25 a band.

If you haven’t already voted for Jealous Creatures for Best Traditional Rock, you can do that now.  Just click on this link, fill out the form, and select our name, thereby telling the powers that be that you want us to win.

Thank you to everyone who voted to nominate us.  You guys are awesome!  Keep on voting so that we can win!

Meghan Anderson: the newest Creature

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All-around cool human Meghan Anderson has just become our new bass player.  We’ll be working on new songs and will have more updates for you guys shortly.  In the meantime, you’ll be able to see Meghan and the rest of the Creatures very soon at a live venue near you.

Bob Langham has been hearing good things…

Bob Langham, who covers the Houston music scene over at just posted an article about awesome songs to add to your playlists, and he included our song “The Right Idea” on the list!  Check out the whole article here.

Nominate Jealous Creatures for Houston Press Music Award!


It’s time to nominate your favorite bands for the Houston Press Music Awards!

We’ve been doing a lot of stuff this year, so here’s a quick run-down of all the possibilities you guys can nominate us for:

Best Local Recording: Bazooka (2013), recorded at Big Door Studios in Webster, TX
Best Album: Bazooka (2013)
Best Local Video: Just a Memory
Best Song: The Right Idea
Best Songwriter: Hirsch/Hirsch/Hlavacek/Barry
Best Female Vocals: Sarah Hirsch
Best Traditional Rock: Jealous Creatures

Keep in mind that this year, each person has exactly ONE (1) BALLOT.  (Last year, it was 1 ballot per day, but that has changed.)

Alright, there is all the information!  Go forth and nominate!  And if you don’t vote for Jealous Creatures, vote for someone else!

Here’s the link:

Edit: Space City Rock has a list of people worthy of your votes.

Jealous Creatures Video on Space City Rock’s WE LIKE THINGS 2012

Space City Rock is the blog to go to when it comes to keeping up with all things local music, and they just posted their best-of lists for 2012.  Jealous Creatures made the cut for Top 10 Local Videos (THANKS!), but you should really check out the post because it’s pretty much an exhaustive list of what’s going on in the Houston music scene right now.  Read the article here.